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State of the Parish

10:45 am Undercroft

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Social Time/Youth Sunday/Mother's Day

10:45 am Undercroft

Celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries in May

Nancy Popp (5/1), Guy Drake (5/1), Di Marshall (5/1), Alexis & Tom Roy (5/1), Jacqueline & Larry Higgins (5/5), Dean Sather (5/6), Charles Hendrix (5/8),
Ann & Bill Fuller (5/8), Sabrina Ibrahim (5/9), Meg Redmond (5/10),
Steven Bezat (5/11), Peter Handley (5/13), Nina & Jeff Strommen (5/13),
Matilda Niles (5/14), Cassini Partington (5/14), Jaye Truax (5/15),
Judy Roggow (5/16), Robbie Stokes (5/17), Edy & Bjorn Rossing (5/17),
Cooper Hensley (5/18), Joan Brzezinski & Barry Johnson (5/18),
Randy & Dale Lindquist (5/18), Luke Fieldler (5/19), Kitsy Meyer (5/21),
Dan Beckmann (5/21), Molly Redmond (5/21), Keith Gause (5/23),
Launa Tucker (5/24), Judy Galich & John Roggow (5/24), Steph Pederson (5/27), Alexis Roy (5/28), Phillip Taylor (5/30), Pam Whitmore (5/30),
and Janet McKernan (5/31).

May 12th is Mother’s Day and Youth Sunday

Our youth will be leading the service.
It will also be Intern Tom Roy’s last Sunday with us.

ICA Ingathering Today

Our monthly Ingathering for ICA is today. The theme for May is Cinco de Mayo: Rice, dried and canned beans, taco and enchilada kits, spices, canned tomatoes, corn, jalapenos, olives, chilies, hot sauce and salsas. Remember the heavier the items, the better! If you didn’t remember to bring something, you may write a check with ICA in the memo line.

St. David’s Real Women Camping

St. David’s Real Women Camping started back in the 1980’s. Our name was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the phrase of the moment that “Real men eat quiche”. We decided that if men will openly eat quiche and still be “men”, women could go into the wild and still be “women”! So we did. Now our “wild” is a little less, but we are still women! Please join us as we journey north to Grand Marais to Clearwater Lodge cabin #11. We leave on Sunday, August 25 and return Thursday, August 29. If you have any questions just ask!

Launa Tucker, Susan Taylor, Carol Johnson, Diane Curley, Marty Scott,
Virginia Haggart, Pat Anderson, Sue Kempe, Peg Woellner

Spring Clean-Up Day

Saturday, May 18th    9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Come join the fun! A light lunch is provided. Please sign up so we know how much food to prepare. There are many important, yet easy tasks to be done to get our Church ready for spring and summer. Some examples are: polishing railings and doors, cleaning refrigerators and freezers and vacuuming smoke detectors. Sign up in the Undercroft.

Coins for Kenya: Last chance

If you forgot your coins last Sunday there is still time. Put them in the offering plate or write a check to St. David’s with Coins for Kenya in the memo. Or you can bring your coins by the office any morning this week.

Beckmann’s Bike Brigade—Sunday, May 19th

Some of you know that parishioner Dan Beckmann was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) last summer. Through early detection and the miracles of modern science, Dan is nearly back to his old self and busily juggling work, family, and now MS. So much progress with medicine and treatment has been made, but there is still work to be done. The goal is to find a cure!

St. David’s is partnering with Westwood Professional Services where Dan works (as does parishioner Chris Carda) to participate in the Twin Cities Ride 2019 the morning of Sunday, May 19th. This event has options for the casual rider and the serious bikers (you can chose from routes of 15, 30, or 45 miles). The event starts and ends at the Surly Brewery in Minneapolis.

By participating, we hope to demonstrate our love and support of Dan, to raise money for MS research and an eventual cure, and to build bridges outside of our church doors.

We know that not all can hop on a bicycle and join us. Please know that we also welcome your prayers of support.

If you’d like to ride, join our team!

Beckmann’s Bike Brigade. Yes, that’s our team name. Westwood is working on team shirts as well! 

Sign up to ride or donate using this link:

For more information, contact Chris Carda,, Katherine Lewis,, Andy Scheu, or Cliff Crockford,


Bishop Search Prayer

God of light and life, you have faithfully guided the people of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota since the very beginning. You have raised up hard-working and entrepreneurial leaders, blessed us with racial and cultural diversity, deepened our faith, given us the courage to stand with neighbors who are struggling, and increased our awareness of your presence and activity. Help us to trust your Holy Spirit as we open our minds and hearts to discern the leader who can help us participate in your preferred and promised future. In the name of Jesus, the one who came to share our place and free us from everything that keeps us from your love so we can live for others. Amen.

Doors Notice

If you encounter problems with any of the doors, please do the following:

1. Note the day

2. Note the time

3. Note which door had the problem

4. Tell what the problem encountered was in as much detail as possible.

5. Get the information to Beth: leave a voicemail at 952-935-3336 or email


Beth needs to be the one who gets the information because she will be the one working with the technicians. Thank you!