Worship and liturgy

Morning Hospitality

Prepares and serves coffee after the 9:30 service and cleans up accordingly (run the dishes through the dishwasher and wipe down the tables). This important ministry provides a time for fellowship for parish members after having worshipped together.

Altar Guild

This is a behind the scenes, hands-on ministry that deals with the wide variety of very traditional chores of preparing the alter and readying the church for the celebration of Eucharist and other sacraments and offices of the church, including weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.

Chalice Bearers

Parishioners who so choose register and train to participate in the worship service by reading scriptures and helping during Eucharist to administer the sacrament of wine.


Parishioners read lessons during the worship service.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Trained parishioners take the Eucharist to shut-ins from the parish family after church on Sunday.


This ministry is open to children in fourth grade and higher. Training is provided, and the children play a vital role in the processional and the entire worship service.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayers for healing and celebration are offered as shawls are knitted and crocheted, blessed, and delivered to people who are sick or otherwise in need or during times of special celebration. Knitters and crocheters gather 10 am the second Saturday of each month in the Library to share fellowship.

Lake Minnetonka Care Center

Youth and adults lead a weekly service of Morning Prayer at this nearby nursing home.

buildings and grounds

The purpose of the Building and Grounds Commission is to maintain the church building and surrounding property. To accomplish this, we strive to be economical and environmentally sound. Our goal is to ensure that the church property is:

  • Safe and secure
  • Clean
  • Functional
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive
  • Preserved

We invite new members with different talents and all skill levels, and cherish the joyful involvement of parishioners to help with:

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Clean the inside and outside of the building as well as the grounds - rake leaves, clean gutters, wash windows, clean classrooms, deep clean kitchen and pantry, remove scuff marks, scrub coffee cups, etc. We welcome all volunteers of all ages and abilities for cleanup and special project days. Families are welcome.

Special Projects

Electrical, carpentry, painting, landscaping, etc. as needed.

Gardening and Landscaping

Plant and weed garden areas; plant and trim trees and shrubs; mulch selected areas.


Water lawns and gardens throughout warm months.

Maintenance Planning

Utilities, roof, sidewalks, lighting, storage, etc.


Web Site
One of the best ways to reach the world at large, our web site is an important way to reach out and tell the world all the wonderful things about the parish.

A vital communication link from the church office, staff, vestry and commissions to the church members, DoveTales is the quarterly parish newsletter.

Weekly Update
This weekly publication identifies and updates various ministries and weekly events. What began as a short list of announcements in the Sunday bulletin is now one of the most important communication tools in the parish.

We use email to distribute various parish communications regarding events, special worship services and newsworthy items.  Please be sure to keep your email current in the parish database.

Parish Letters
Occasionally we send parish letters from the church office.  Please be sure to keep your address current with the church database.

parish administration

St. David's Vestry
Provide leadership in carrying out the mission of St. David's Church. The Vestry is comprised of 12 elected voting members of the parish, serving three (3) year terms. The Vestry works with the Rector and the wardens as the policy and budget forming body of the parish.

Help organize and run the essential ministries of the parish. Commission structure remains the lifeblood of this parish. This decentralized structure encourages an active parish while enabling our clergy the ability to focus on church life.

Diocesan Delegates
Proudly represent our parish at the Annual Convention of the Diocese of Minnesota. Like the Vestry, the elected delegates serve 2-3 year terms, with the number of the parish delegates based on the size of the parish.


Stewardship Commission
All members are welcomed and encouraged to join this commission as it engages and educates members of the parish about our roles as stewards of God's abundant goodness and our responsibility to love, nurture, and care for the world and God's Church as God loves, nurtures and cares for us.

Annual Pledge Drive
Join in a very important annual effort, held in the fall, which is a key component of our spiritual and financial health as a parish, and involves a multi-faceted approach of education, communication, and celebration of our God-given gifts.

Finance Committee
If you enjoy financial planning and budgeting, this is the committee for you. Work with the treasurer in monitoring and maintaining a sound parish operating budget.

Planned Giving Committee
Educate parish members about exploring and embracing opportunities that ensure a healthy financial future for the parish through a variety of giving strategies including bequests, endowments and other components of estate planning.