kenya partnership

A few years ago a woman named Ada Kuto came from her home country of Kenya to stay with relatives in Minnetonka. While here, she worshiped at St. David’s and came to know people in the congregation.

Since then, Ada has returned to Kenya and has had visitors from St. David’s.

  Ada has welcomed these St. David’s visitors to her Anglican church called St. Joseph’s and to her community called Ziwa. She has inspired many hearts to create connections between people at St. David’s and people at St. Joseph’s. Since this remarkable partnership was forged, students have been given scholarships to attend school and farmers have been given seeds to plant fields.

  The St. David’s Kenya Partnership Group explores ways that St. David’s and St. Joseph’s can partner to reap bountiful blessings for all. The congregation not only participates in fundraising activities to raise funds for students and farmers, but also learns about Kenyan food, culture, geography, music and art.

families moving forward

The parish hosts up to four homeless families for a week at a time, two or three times per year. Volunteers cook meals, play with children, set up and take down the bedroom facilities, and offer friendship, support, and encouragement.


white earth

The Senior High youth participate in a summer mission trip to the White Earth Indian Reservation in Northern Minnesota in partnership with Church of the Epiphany and Trinity Excelsior. 

As Christians, we are called to community; not all of us can participate in the mission trips, but all of us—every member—can support this endeavor through prayer, donations and involvement. 

ICA Food shelf

St. David's parishioners regularly donate food to this program.

The ICA Food Shelf is located on the St. David's Campus.