instructions for recording


Look for the date of the service and hymn you want to contribute to.



Download and print the score from the SCORE link.



Listen once (or more) to the accompaniment track for practice and so you know what to expect. Attach headphones to your device, click on the ACCOMP TRACK for the song you will be recording to.



While listening to the ACCOMP TRACK, go to your VOICE RECORDER or VOICE MEMO app and record yourself as you sing your part. (It's also wise to mute the device that you are recording to in case any notifications come in while you are recording.) 



Make sure the volume of the accompaniment is up high enough so that you can easily hear it. I would recommend keeping time with a hand or foot to make sure you stay on the beat.



If you are only singing selected verses, please record them all at once, staying silent while you listen to the accompaniment on those verses - that way it is easier for me to line things up.



Send  your track via email





Please feel free to call me at any time with questions.

I am happy to help walk you through!